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About Us

Maison Eli's ethos, which is embedded in artisanally driven slow fashion, reflects a strong commitment to high-quality, sustainability, and ethical production.


Initially, I considered hiring someone to edit and refine this story, but I realized it's my journey to share, and I'm the best to tell it.

I began my career as an  attorney, specializing in Corporate Commercial Law at a prominent London law firm. However, the birth of my son changed the trajectory of my thoughts and life entirely. Leaving the corporate arena to follow my passion was no easy feat. Still, I took the leap, coupling my perseverance developed from surviving law school,  my love for sustainability, and leather goods I set out to make my impression in the leather goods world. 

Craftsmanship and reducing my carbon footprint have always held tremendous value for me. I cherished playing with my grandmother's vintage handcrafted bags and shoes. Her leather cases remain some of my favorite possessions even after thirty years. With this appreciation for craftsmanship, I dedicated hours to mastering the intricacies of traditional leather craftsmanship. I then channeled my creativity and deep understanding of leather into crafting elegant, practical, and refined pieces for the Maison Eli collection.